Choosing connection for a yoga lifestyle that will awaken the masses.

Are you ready to see what the yoga lifestyle has to offer you? And I'm not just talking about the practice of yoga. But yoga as a way of living at a higher capacity. 

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to attract great experiences? To change the energy that guides you to make certain decisions? To transform the way you think, live & even take action?

Yoga opened my mind up to achieving a life that I had always wanted. My whole life, I had wished to reduce my inner suffering & wake up more joyful. I wanted to wake up excited to create, have a purpose, have more passion & feel more whole, healthy, grateful & just smile more.

Happiness is not easy. It takes work for most people. It takes dedication. It takes purpose & direction. How can we get there if we feel lost, alone or stuck in a negative space not knowing where we're going in life?

The moment I dove into the traditional yoga culture, I began to see my life shift to a new perspective. It's as if I was seeing life through new eyes. A beginners mind.


I found love again. Love for my life, who I am, & love for the people in my life. I started to attract people into my life that had a more positive outlook. But most importantly, I learned how to contribute to the world, instead of feeling that world owed me something. I learned that this is the greatest way to live.

Yoga has the power to open up your heart. The culture of yoga has changed & transformed many lives all over the world. It's a popular movement for a reason, HOWEVER, not everyone that practices yoga taps into the true LIFE power of yoga.

I believe this is because in western culture, we tend to miss out on the traditional roots of yoga: The culture of yoga. The philosophy of yoga. 

Check out Caitlan Carver's (Ananda Yoga Retreats founder) NEW Podcast. The Live Big Podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify and many more outlets. Click the link below.

Check out Caitlan Carver's (Ananda Yoga Retreats founder) NEW Podcast. The Live Big Podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify and many more outlets. Click the link below.

Yoga is a compilation of many different facets to life. It's a way of being. A way of thinking, speaking, acting, eating, feeling, connecting, self-actualization, self-discovery, finding authentic love for yourself, it shows you what is valuable about being a person.

Your yoga practice is only 10% of what yoga has to offer you. It's my belief that if everyone practiced the culture of yoga, we would all have stronger compassion, a deeper love for life, a higher conscious experience & an infinite amount of genuine joy.

The world would be a better place.

Yoga saved my life at a young age. More than once. And it continues to save me from my own negative, patronizing ego. I've crashed hard in my life emotionally. I bought into the idea that I didn't have much to offer the world. My ego created unrealistic expectations of myself & of those around me. This created a culture of dissatisfaction & disappointment. I would catch myself in this negative repetitive scene time and time again never knowing that I could actually change it. That I was asleep to these thoughts. I was a slave to my chaotic mind. 

Yoga offered me a way to slow down my thoughts. To find awareness that all of this negativity was happening in my mind. That my life was precious & had purpose. I found a connection to love and acceptance as well as forgiveness for myself & others.

Most importantly it prompted me for a spiritual awakening & allowed me to know my Dharma. My purpose in this life. 

And now it's my mission to share this experience with you. 

I have put together a program that guides you through the yoga culture lifestyle in a fun, easy, applicable way.

See your thinking patterns transform into a new light. Find acceptance for your journey. Create space for your journey. Wake up excited, while going to bed grateful. Change the way you think, act, feel, & live.

Each day we have the choice to choose love over fear.

You have the choice to tap into the energy within you, to shift your energy & align with the flow of the Universe. To let go of the situations you cannot control & allow a greater energy guide you to the greatest good.

To truly enjoy the people in your life. To let go of years of resentment & finally forgive yourself of your past & forgive others.

It can all happen & all it takes is just one moment of clarity. 

Yoga culture was the shining light in my life. It shined a spotlight on my shadow & the darkness my ego created. It starved the hate inside me & strengthened my love muscles again.

Through my yoga culture program, videos & retreats, you have the power to learn what I know. To gain complete insight into yoga as a lifestyle choice  & meet others who are on a similar journey. 

You have the choice to start again. To learn a new way of life. And to go deeper into the wisdom of yoga.

Yoga is a lifelong journey with an infinite amount of teachings.

Let's begin together. 

Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

Love starts with your inner prana (life force energy). Who are you without your job, your house, all the stuff you've acquired? How do you act when you leave the yoga studio? Do you want more peace & fulfillment outside of the studio? What does your yoga look like?

When we can strip down to our basic human needs, we start to connect back to the Earth & the Universe on a deeper level. We start to get back in line with the energy & flow of the experiences happening in us & around us at all times. 

Call it what you will: Source, Mother Earth, The Universe, God, Love. We cannot deny that energy exists. But we have no idea of the relationship between conscious experiences and physical processes in today's world, unless we take the time to unplug & rewrite the script. 

If only for a moment.

When you exude happiness & love it elevates the energy around you & contributes to the energy in the world. It comes back to you. But in order to gain this energy, you must go inwards & heal. You must heal first, in order to heal the world.

"Heaven on Earth is not a place you must find, but a choice you must make." - Dr. Wayne Dyer.

A trained and certified spiritual healer.  Caitlan has completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Training with  Gabrielle Bernstein.

A trained and certified spiritual healer.

Caitlan has completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein.

Connecting through cohabitation & shared experience.

Our Retreats immerse you in the yoga culture environment, allowing you to unplug from the world so you can reconnect back to the true union of the world.  By creating a family environment in a sacred haven, we can elevate to a higher level of heart opening & connection to peace.

We are all one.  Om Shanti.


Caitlan is trained to teach in traditional asana in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal and Kids Yoga. She is also trained and certified to teach the yogic culture, cleansing, pranayama and mantra meditation.

A trained and certified spiritual healer, Caitlan has completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein. She is also a Reiki Master and is a conduit to heal people one-on-one and from afar.

She uses energy healing practices for hundreds of students and holds yoga retreats around the world that are based on the traditional culture of yoga on and off of the mat.