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Ananda Yoga Retreats is a creation of magical havens all over the world where yogis are guided to live & breathe the yoga culture both on & off the mat.

A trip to one of our nourishing havens will recalibrate your essential health, from the loving food you eat to the way you think about life.

Our gatherings allow people to find a connection to purpose & ignite an excitement for life through the beautiful roots of yoga culture.

Ananda means ‘bliss’ in Sanskrit. Bliss is the ultimate connection to one’s self.

To follow your bliss, you must be led from within. Retreat to ignite, so you can BRING THE LIGHT.
— Caitlan Carver, Ananda Yoga Retreats Founder.

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Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

Love starts with your inner prana (life force energy). Who are you without your job, your house, all the stuff you've acquired? How do you act when you leave the yoga studio? Do you want more peace & fulfillment outside of the studio? What does your yoga look like?

When we can strip down to our basic human needs, we start to connect back to the Earth & the Universe on a deeper level. We start to get back in line with the energy & flow of the experiences happening in us & around us at all times. 

Call it what you will: Source, Mother Earth, The Universe, God, Love. We cannot deny that energy exists. But we have no idea of the relationship between conscious experiences and physical processes in today's world, unless we take the time to unplug & rewrite the script. 

If only for a moment.

When you exude happiness & love it elevates the energy around you & contributes to the energy in the world. It comes back to you. But in order to gain this energy, you must go inwards & heal. You must heal first, in order to heal the world.

"Heaven on Earth is not a place you must find, but a choice you must make." - Dr. Wayne Dyer.

The Journey Inwards

Yoga encompasses your mind, body & intellect. It shows you how to make who you are more refined. It's a life long commitment to your actions, the way you teach, the way you interact with others, it's about self-reflection, and the journey towards your own revolution. You can't reach the highest peak of yoga without practicing all aspects of yoga. It's your overall development as a person.


Retreat to Ignite

Ananda yoga retreats are an elevated way to travel and those who attend are people wanting to open their minds to a new way of life—all while enjoying what the world has to offer us.

Our yoga retreats are not just vacations, they are created to offer you a life experience that assists in cleansing /connecting to your mind, body & soul.

They assist in your journey to find true meaning in your life & create an environment that allows for healing & a genuine love for the gift of life.

But the main result that many yogis find through attending a retreat is the unbreakable bond created within themselves and other yogis.  

Our retreats are a personal journey. They are for you. With love, from us.

A path to an energetic higher vibration.


The Doorway to Yoga

It always fascinates me how years and years of resentment, self-judgement and toxicity can all fade away in a matter of minutes through the act of embracing yoga and meditation.

Give a person some silence, stillness and time to reflect—and a whole realm of emotions will want to come to the surface and release.


Meet Your Yoga Teacher & Retreat Founder

Yoga offered me a way to slow down my thoughts. To find awareness that all of this negativity was happening in my mind. That my life was precious & had purpose. I found a connection to love and acceptance as well as forgiveness for myself & others.




A trained and certified spiritual healer.

Caitlan has completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein. Gabby Bernstein is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and named a new thought leader by Oprah's Super Soul Sunday.

Caitlan is also a Reiki Master and is a conduit to heal people one-on-one and from afar. She uses energy healing practices for hundreds of students and holds yoga retreats around the world that are based on the traditional culture of yoga on and off of the mat.

Click the link below to listen to our NEW podcast by Caitlan Carver (Ananda Yoga Retreats founder) We talk about the yoga culture, how to apply it to your daily life, and how to move toward your passions and your dharma fully without fear.

Click the link below to listen to our NEW podcast by Caitlan Carver (Ananda Yoga Retreats founder) We talk about the yoga culture, how to apply it to your daily life, and how to move toward your passions and your dharma fully without fear.

Ananda Yoga Retreats:

Meditation MasterClass for Spiritual Growth LEVEL 1


We are so pleased to offer you our first ONLINE meditation and spiritual transformation course. This course is 10 days, you can start whenever your heart desires and move through at your own pace. 

Guided by our very own, Caitlan Carver. Caitlan will provide you with insight into tips and tricks to begin a strong meditation routine, life-altering spiritual assignments, guided meditations with beautiful music, sound vibrations and much more!

Original price is $104.99 but our students get the entire course for a very low price of only $15.00 if you use our PROMO CODE: ANANDAYOGA.

We want to make sure you are getting all the support you need in a fun way: making it easy for you to stay on track to achieve your best self.